Ameen calls on us to respond to our deepest longing to be free. In his view freedom is about understanding who we really are which can only happen out of our willingness to meet ourselves in alones and deep sincerity. Ameen emphasizes the need for a meeting that is free of any spiritual theories or religious dogmas that are still an escape from seeing what actually is. Allowing all to be natural gives birth to awareness and an openess to being. This is the first time that we can say that there is an ”I am” that exists beyond our conditioned self and it is from this space of presence that we can continue to differentiate between the false and the real within and thus disidentifying from our limitations and cultivating more and more the presence.


During the course of liberation Ameen has come to understand that human potential is much more elaborate than what is commonly accepted and that freedom is not only knowing our eternal self but also knowing our relative self and the soul and their important role in creating our multidimensional being. With that understanding it became clear that freedom is not a static space that is discoverd but an ever evolving integration between these dimensions that together create who we are moment to moment. How accurate and sensitive we are in interpreting them and integrating them dictates how alive and free we are in each of these moments in which we are being created.


Satsang with Ameen is an invitation to meet yourself in silence and allow the natural recognition of your free self to unfold.


In private sessions Ameen guides you through your personal path of awakening, teaching you how to meet life for your liberation.